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30 great facts About The Olympics You have to Know

Need to see some wonderful information concerning the Olympics you by no means knew? Learn on.

Ah! The Olympics. That point each two years, when your entire world gathers with zeal, fervor, unbridled pleasure, and the spirit of patriotism, all to rekindle and ‘contact’ the essence of the game.

Even in case you occur to be a killjoy on the subject of sports activities issues, a couple of minutes beneath the ‘Olympic ambiance’ will persuade you in any other case.

Not like in another sports activities tournaments, gamers from over 2 hundred international locations scattered everywhere in the globe come collectively to present their greatest efficiency in cut up seconds.

All their many months of coaching is examined by the couple of minutes of performing, and after which, we both reward their efforts or encourage them to do higher subsequent time.

Within the spirit of pleasure and expectation for the 2021 Olympics, allow us to take into account some tremendous information concerning the Olympics you didn’t find out about.

Intriguing Litte-Recognized Info About The Olympics

1. James Brendan Bennet Connolly was an American born athlete, who gained the primary fashionable Olympic championship in 1896. He turned the 1896 champion after successful a gold medal within the triple bounce, a silver medal within the excessive bounce, and a bronze medal within the lengthy bounce. Though within the 1900 Olympics, he additionally gained a silver medal within the triple bounce.

2. An Olive Wreath (Kotinos) woven right into a crown was the ‘medal’ given to an Olympic champion within the historic Olympics. This ‘olive medal’ is an outline of honor, peace, unity, and victory.

Facts About The Olympics – Olive Wreath/Kotinos for Ancient Olympic Champions
Kotinos, often known as Olive Wreath, was the prize for the Olympic champion on the historic Olympic video games. Wikimedia Commons

3. The Olympic flame signifies the movement of the Olympic video games. Months earlier than the precise video games, the Olympic flame is lit in Greece’s Olympia. After that, the Olympic relay begins, and ultimately, on the venue of the Olympic video games, the Olympic torch is used to gentle the Olympic Cauldron

4. The usA has hosted probably the most variety of Olympic a complete of eight sports activities because the starting of contemporary athletic. A few of these are St Louis (1904), Los Angeles and Lake Placid (1980), Los Angeles (1984), Atlanta (1996), and Salt Lake Metropolis (2002).

5. The 1908 summer season Olympics, which was initially to carry in Rome later held in London and this explicit yr’s occasion, was the primary to have a gap ceremony.

6. The Olympic flag has a white background and 5 rings symbolizing 5 continent bounded by Olympium. The Blue ring refers to Europe, the Yellow ring refers to Asia, Black refers to Africa, Inexperienced refers to Oceana, and Pink refers to America.

7. The Rome 1960 Olympic sport was the fourteenth of the trendy Olympic video games. It was additionally the primary Olympic sport to be totally televised. It was broadcasted by the United Acknowledged CBS TV community.

8. In 1980, the Olympic sport held at Moscow had few nations in attendance as a result of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) invaded Afghanistan the yr earlier than.

9. Pierre De Coubertin, founder of contemporary Olympic video games, coined the motto of the video games from a Latin phrase ‘Citius, Altius, and Fortius.’ He created this motto in 1921, and it means ‘swifter, larger and stronger.

10. The Olympic hymns sung at Athens within the 1896 video games had been declared official by the IOC in 1957. The melody was composed by Spyros Samara’s and Kostis Palamas.

11. The 1900 Olympic sport occurred in Paris, with twenty-eight nations in attendance. It was at this sport that soccer, equestrian, archery, pigeon capturing, and rowing had been launched into the Olympic.

12. The Worldwide Olympic Committee (IOC) sponsors the Olympic video games and chooses what nation will host the video games. Subsequently, members of the IOC are to signify the pursuits of the physique of their numerous international locations.

13. Since 1896, when the trendy Olympic video games started, it has solely been canceled thrice. The primary of such was the video games of 1916, which was to carry in Germany. The opposite two had been these of 1940 and 1944. They had been to carry in Japan and London, respectively. They had been all canceled on account of world conflict 1 and a pair of, respectively.

14. After Rugby’s 15s of 1924, Rugby has not been performed within the Olympic ever since. In 2009 nevertheless, after the IOC Rugby decided, Rugby was once more included within the 2016 video games.

15. The gold medals given to deserving athletes on the 1912 Olympics had been made solely of pure gold.

16. Soccer was on the record of video games to be performed on the first fashionable Olympic video games of 1896, however there have been no groups nor gamers of soccer current at that sport.

17. The Worldwide Olympic Committee doesn’t commit internet hosting the Olympic to the host international locations. It as an alternative permits the Cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta e.t.c to host the video games.

18. London has hosted the Olympic video games thrice in 1908, 1948, and 2012 respectively. That’s a great one for the U.Ok.

19. The Priestess of Demeter presided over the traditional Olympic Video games held within the refuge of Olympia in Greece. This priestess was the one married lady allowed to be in these historic video games. This was as a result of gamers within the historic video games contested bare.

20. Within the 1900 Croquet Olympic sport, France gained all of the medals.

21. The Olympic sport, held at Chamonix, France in 1924, was the primary winter sport in Olympic historical past. Forty-four nations had been current at this occasion.

22. Within the opening ceremony, the procession of athletes is led by the Greeks, whereas all different athletes comply with alphabetically based on the host nation’s alphabetical association.

23. Pheidippides was the inspiration behind the Marathon. He ran over forty thousand meters from a spot named Marathon to inform Athens that the invading Persians had been defeated.

24. If there have been any wars inside the areas in Historical instances, with the graduation of the Olympic video games, all of them needed to be resolved. This was executed to honor the Greek god Zeus.

25. Every metropolis internet hosting the Olympic video games prepares its gold, silver, and bronze medals, given to champions.

26. The traditional video games that had been held from 776BC to 393AD had been primarily religious-oriented, and this led to the video games being banned by Roman Emperor Theodosius. Nonetheless, about 1,500 years later, Pierre Coubertin started his work, and the trendy Olympic was accredited in April 1896.

27. It was within the yr 1904, about eight years after the trendy Olympic started, medals of gold, silver, and bronze had been awarded to winners.

Olympic Facts: 1904 St. Louis Olympics Games Participation Medal

28. Often, through the historic video games in Olympia, a flame was lit by the solar rays and left lighting until the tip of the video games. This tradition was revived in 1928 after the commencing of contemporary video games.

29. The formally accepted languages on the Olympic video games are English, French, and the language of the host nation.

30. Though the Olympic flag was first exhibited to the general public in 1914, it was truly in 1920; the flag was first flown.


There you’ve it, some tremendous intriguing information concerning the Olympics you most likely didn’t know. As a lot enjoyable as it’s cheering Crew USA or another staff on, it’s also vital to recollect among the information that helped to form the Olympics into the most effective tournaments on Earth as we speak.

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